Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has accused Russia of trying to destroy the normal life of every citizen by creating an energy crisis in Europe.

According to the BBC, Zelensky said this in a regular briefing on the latest situation of the war on Saturday.

Zelensky said Russia was trying to create chaos by creating a financial and political crisis where it could not attack with missiles.

Last Saturday, Russia’s state-owned gas company Gazprom announced an indefinite shutdown of gas supplies to Europe. The leaders of the G-7 alliance of industrialized countries of the world announced the price fixing on Russian oil. Gazprom then announced an indefinite shutdown of gas supplies to Europe. In addition, Russia also said that it will not supply oil to countries that agree to the decision of the G-7 alliance.

Zelensky then made the above accusations against Russia.

European leaders have also accused Russia of trying to create a crisis by cutting off gas supplies. However, Moscow has denied the allegations.

Since the start of military operations in Ukraine on February 24, gas prices have increased several times across Europe. Meanwhile, gas prices will increase several times due to the new indefinite shutdown of gas supply.

It is feared that many families will find it difficult to meet gas prices this winter. As a result, there is the potential for political chaos as well as public anger across Europe.

The governments of various European countries have taken various measures to control the rise in gas prices. Germany has been the worst hit by disruptions to Russian gas supplies. Last Saturday, Germany announced a 56 billion euro aid package. Chancellor Olaf Schlatz said he no longer considers Russia a reliable partner.

Europe is also trying to put pressure on Moscow financially by fixing the price of Russian fuel.

And the president of the European Council, Charles Mitchell, commented that there is nothing surprising in the announcement of Russia’s indefinite stoppage of gas supplies.

In a tweet after Gazprom announced the gas ban, he said, “The use of gas as a weapon will not change the commitment of the European Union. We will also take further steps to become self-sufficient in energy independence. It is our responsibility to protect citizens and support the independence of Ukraine.”

(September 4)