Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the Ukrainian port city of Odessa has been completely cut off due to Russia’s attack. 1.5 million people in Odesa and surrounding areas are now living a precarious life without electricity. Zelensky noted that the situation there is very difficult.

Ukrainian officials said that Russia attacked the power plant on Saturday morning with an Iranian-made drone. In the attack, almost all the establishments there lost power. They said that only hospitals and emergency places have electricity.

Officials say it could take months to repair the damage caused by the attack.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly announced that he would continue to attack Ukraine’s energy and power infrastructure.

Meanwhile, millions of Ukrainians are suffering in severe winter due to attacks on power plants.

Ukrainian officials have urged people who rely solely on electricity to keep their homes warm to leave their homes.

(11 December/FA)