Iran and Russia are going to sign a huge energy deal. Tehran expects to sign an agreement worth 4 billion dollars between the Russian energy giant Gazprom and Iran next December.

It covers issues such as natural gas and oil products of the two countries, implementation of LNG projects and construction of gas pipelines.

The agreement between Iran and Russia, which is under the highest sanctions of the US and the European Union, is seen as very significant for the economies of both countries.

According to a report of Russia’s Today (RT), Mahdi Safari, one of Iran’s Deputy Foreign Ministers, said, “We are close to an agreement with Gazprom.” Hopefully, it will be signed next month. Earlier, we signed a deal worth 6.5 billion dollars with this company.”

Last July, the Iranian National Oil Company and Russia’s Gazprom agreed to cooperate in the development of two gas fields and six oil fields in Iran, Iranian news agencies IRNA and Meher news agency reported.

Earlier last month, one of Russia’s deputy foreign ministers, Alexander Novak, said Iran and Russia could reach an agreement on 5 million tons of oil and 10 billion cubic meters of gas by the end of this year. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, he said, Iran and Russia have already signed on the question of using energy resources. He announced at that time that Russia’s investment in Iran’s oil and gas sector will increase.

(08 Nov/ES)