At least 129 people have tragically died after being crushed by the crowd and crushed underfoot after clashes broke out between fans at a football match in Indonesia. About 200 people were injured in this incident.

Clashes erupted on Saturday night in East Java province when fans stormed the pitch after the home team’s defeat in a football match. News BBC.

According to reports, a clash broke out between supporters after a football match on Saturday. After the police fired teargas to disperse the rioters, there was widespread chaos and casualties in the stampede.

According to the BBC, the incident occurred after Arema FC, a football club in East Java, Indonesia, lost to rivals Persebaya Surabaya. Apart from this, around 180 people were injured in the clash and stampede.

Several videos of this incident have been spread. In these videos, fans are seen running towards the field after the final whistle. Police then fired tear gas, leading to stampedes and suffocation in the crowd, East Java’s police chief said.

Niko Afinta said, ‘two police officers are also among the dead.’

The Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) said it has launched an investigation into the incident. In addition, they also mentioned that the incident has “tarnished the face of Indonesian football”.

The Indonesian government apologized for the incident and promised to investigate the circumstances of the stampede.

Indonesia’s Minister of Sports and Youth Zainudin Amali told broadcaster Kompass, “We are sorry for the incident… It is a sad incident that has ‘hurt’ our football at a time when fans can watch football matches in stadiums.”

He further said, ‘We will thoroughly evaluate the organization of the match and the presence of supporters. Will we go back to banning supporters from attending the ground? That is what we will discuss now.’

(02 Oct/MI/FA