Ukraine will no longer be given a blank check in the war against Russia, said two key members of the US Republican House of Representatives. They say that money will not be given if Ukraine wants it, but the allocation of money will be thought of according to the need. There must be clear accountability on how and where America’s money is being spent.

In an interview with American television channel ABC News, Representative Michael McCaul said, “I think most members of both parties will support this effort. I think everyone has a right to speak in Congress. The reality is that we will have more oversight; we will ensure transparency and accountability.” . We don’t give blank cheques.”

Earlier, Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy made similar comments.

Mike Turner, a member of the House of Representatives from Ohio, joined the interview with ABC News. Both are currently top Republican leaders and members of the House Foreign Relations Committee and the Intelligence Committee. Republicans will take control of the US House of Representatives in January. Then two congressmen are likely to become the chairman of these two committees. Both emphasized Ukraine’s accountability in spending American money.

29 November/ES