A record number of corona patients have been identified in one day in China. On Wednesday, the country reported 31,444 new cases, breaking the record set on April 13. At the time, the commercial hub of Shanghai, a city of 2.5 million people, was almost paralyzed by two months of strict lockdown.

The large number of new corona patients detected will have an adverse effect on China’s economy. Currently, the country’s southern city of Guangzhou and southwestern cities such as Chongqing, Chengdu, Jinan, Lanzhou and Xi’an are reporting hundreds of new infections every day.

Meanwhile, China reported a record high number of Covid-19 infections on Thursday. Cities across the country have imposed local lockdowns, mass testing and other restrictions as the recession deepens and the world’s second-largest economy suffers.

A resurgence of infections nearly three years after the epidemic broke out in the central city of Wuhan, despite recent more targeted measures, has cast doubt on investors’ hopes that China’s rigid zero-covid policy will soon be eased.

The restrictions have locked-down residents as well as taking output at factories, including the world’s largest iPhone plant, which has been rocked by clashes between workers and security personnel in a rare show of dissent.

China’s leadership has stuck to the zero-tolerance Covid policy signed by President Xi Jinping. Even many parts of the world try to coexist with the virus. This, they say, is needed to save lives and prevent the medical system from being overwhelmed.

Acknowledging pressure on the economy, the cabinet said China would use bank cash reserves and other monetary policy tools in a timely manner to ensure adequate liquidity. The Reserve Requirement Ratio may come soon, state media said on Wednesday.

China has recently begun relaxing some rules on mass testing and quarantine. Instead, cities are using more localized and often unannounced lockdowns. Many people in Beijing said they recently received notices about the three-day lockdown of their housing compounds.

Many cities have returned to mass testing, which China had hoped to reduce as costs rise. Other recent arrivals, including Beijing, Shanghai and the Hainan island resort city of Sanya, have limited movement.

(24 November)