A man recklessly drove over pedestrians on a busy street in Guangzhou, China. At least five people were killed and 13 injured in the incident. The local police said that the driver has already been arrested. BBC news.

The public is angry with the driver. They alleged that the man deliberately targeted pedestrians. Videos posted online show the driver getting out of the car and throwing money in the air immediately after the accident.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old youth and started investigation. The accident happened at a busy junction in the southern city of 19 million people during the evening rush hour on Wednesday.

A witness told local media Hongxin News, ‘He deliberately drove over people waiting for traffic lights. He ran the car over them maliciously. After that, he took a U-turn and hit people again. He wasn’t driving very fast, but some people didn’t escape in time because they didn’t know he was hitting people on purpose.’

The man also attacked the traffic police officer and his motorcycle with the car but the officer managed to escape. A footage that has gone viral shows a young girl lying on the ground at the scene. A woman is seen crying next to her who is probably her mother.’

The incident sparked public outrage, with many expressing grief. Because during the Chinese New Year everyone came here to reunite with their families.

As many noted, the man was driving a luxury car and throwing money in the air. Also he was throwing questions to people about him whether he came from a rich and powerful family.

A similar incident occurred in February last year in the southern province of Fujian. Three people were killed and nine injured when the mini truck crushed them in the incident.

(January 12)