A self-proclaimed cleric in Turkey has been sentenced to 8,658 years in prison for multiple serious charges including murder, rape, and making women into sex slaves. The self-proclaimed cleric’s name is Adnan Oktar (66). His infamy has eclipsed that of the Indian ‘Dharmaguru’ Ram Rahim.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the Istanbul Criminal Court sentenced Oktar and his 13 associates to 8,658 days in prison on November 17.

Adnan Oktar is also known as Harun Yaya.

Oktar was always surrounded by the beautiful Ramani. Oktar admitted in court that he has not one or two but 1,000 ‘girlfriends’. He called those women ‘pet cats’.

After studying fine arts, Adnan chose the path of a priest. In 1980, he started his professional career as a priest.

While working as a cleric, he started an organization called Adnansilor. Later, in 1990, he opened the Science Research Foundation and started researching women’s clothing. He also ventured into the business of making modern and short dresses for women.

Adnan built an empire of anti-social activities behind the organization. After that, in 2016, the Turkish police searched his residence and the office of the organization. Police searched again in 2017. Oktar somehow managed to escape.

Later, Turkish police arrested Oktar in 2018 on charges of sexual harassment of minors, rape, fraud, incitement to political unrest and espionage.

Oktar ran a television channel. He used to do popular talk shows about religion there. But after the arrest, the police closed that TV channel called A9.

In the name of running the organization, Oktar forced 1000 young women to become sex slaves and oppressed them.

Okhtar was accused of forcing women to take contraceptives, claiming to cure skin problems.

Police found more than 69,000 contraceptive pills during a search of her hideout.

A member of Oktar’s organization said in an interview that the self-proclaimed cleric would not hesitate to make his life hell if someone tried to escape from the organization. Oktar’s political influence was also quite strong. As a result, no one would escape from the organization.

26 November/ES