36 years ago, Queen Elizabeth II wrote a letter to the people of Sydney, Australia. But what is the message of the city dwellers written in that letter? No one knows that except the queen. Now no one can open and see the correspondence even if they want to. According to the Queen’s order, the opening date of the letter has been fixed in 2085, i.e. 63 years later.

Rani has also given instructions as to who will open the letter after another 63 years. The letter can be opened by whoever will be in charge as the mayor of Sydney in 2085. Besides, no one else can touch that letter.

Queen Elizabeth II died last Thursday at the age of 96. His death ended his 70-year reign. And since then, many unknown facts and events have been revealed about Queen Elizabeth. Australian media outlet Seven News reported this information about the Queen’s secret letter.

According to Seven News, Queen Elizabeth II wrote the letter in November 1986. Since then, the letter has been stored in a vault in Sydney’s historic Queen Victoria building.

Earlier, the Queen Victoria building in Sydney was renovated. The ‘Queen Victoria Building’, named after Elizabeth’s great-grandmother Queen Victoria, was inaugurated in 1898. Even the Queen’s personal officers knew nothing about the contents of the letter. Only the statement of instructions to open the letter is known.

Signed simply ‘Elizabeth R’, the instructions addressed the Mayor of Sydney, saying ‘Please select a suitable day in 2085 to open this envelope and deliver my message to the citizens of Sydney.’

Queen Elizabeth was the head of state of 15 countries including Britain, Australia being one of them. In 1953, just two years after ascending the throne, he visited Australia for the first time at the age of 27. It is estimated that around one million people in Sydney came to see the Queen.

The last visit was in 2011, when Julia Gillard was Prime Minister of Australia. Queen Elizabeth has visited Australia a total of 16 times during her seven-decade reign.

(September 12)