Afghans not found guilty of theft and homosexuality have been publicly flogged by the Taliban government. Four of them had their hands cut off, said the former Afghan minister. News from ANI.

The punishment was handed down at Ahmad Shahi Stadium in Kandahar on Tuesday, the Supreme Court said in a statement. Local authorities and residents of Kandahar were present during the beating.

The provincial governor’s spokesman, Haji Zayed, said the convicts were flogged 35-39 times.

Meanwhile, Shabnam Nasimi, a former policy adviser to the UK minister for Afghan resettlement and refugee affairs, said four people were reportedly amputated by the Taliban at a football stadium in Kandahar.

He said on Twitter, “Taliban has reportedly cut off the hands of 4 people for stealing in front of the spectators at a football stadium in Kandahar today. People are being flogged, mutilated and executed without fair trial and due process in Afghanistan, which is a violation of human rights.’

Despite international condemnation, the Taliban resumed flogging and public executions of criminals following a decree by the hardliners’ supreme leader.

UN experts are deeply concerned that public executions and floggings have resumed in Afghanistan. They also called on the de facto authorities to immediately stop all forms of harsh, cruel and degrading punishment.

They said in a statement, ‘Since November 18, 2022, de facto authorities have reportedly flogged more than 100 men and women in several provinces, including Takhar, Logar, Laghman, Parwan and Kabul. Each was given 20 to 100 lashes for alleged crimes, including theft, illicit sexual relations, or violations of social codes.

Although the criminalization of extramarital affairs appears to be gender-neutral, in reality, the punishment is excessively harsh against women and girls. The flogging took place outside the stadium in the presence of officials and members of the public.

On December 7, 2022, the Taliban publicly executed a man in the city of Farah, Farah Province, in what is believed to be the first public execution since seizing power in August 2021.

(January 18)