The Punjab government of India is giving the prisoners the opportunity to spend time with their wives or husbands. However, the facility, which will be launched from Tuesday, will not be available to dangerous criminals, gangsters, inmates whose life is at risk, inmates involved in sexual harassment.

Punjab became the first state in India to introduce this rule for inmates. The Indian media reported this about an official of the Punjab Prison Department.

Initially this facility is being introduced in Gobindwal Sahib Central Jail, Navar New District Jail, Bhatindar Women Jail. But dangerous criminals, gangsters, prisoners whose lives are at risk, those involved in sexual harassment will not be given the opportunity.

Jail authorities have said that inmates must behave well while in jail if they want to spend time with their spouses. Only then the prison department will arrange a meeting for two hours in a specific room of the correctional facility.

It is known that there will be a toilet with that room. There will be an opportunity to meet only once in three months. Priority will be given to those who have been in jail for a long time. For the first time in India, Punjab made arrangements for prisoners to spend time with their partners.

The prison department said that if this rule is introduced, the prisoners will try to improve their behavior on their own initiative. Their married life will also be beautiful.

However, as per the conditions, the marriage certificate of the husband or wife should be shown when visiting the prisoner. Apart from this, a medical certificate showing no covid, hiv or any communicable diseases should also be shown.

(22 September/AH)