The historic accession council formally announced Charles III as Britain’s new king on Saturday, two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Television Council held at St James’s Palace in London announced, ‘Prince Charles Philip Arthur George has become our King after the death of the Sovereign Queen… God save the King!’

The death of Britain’s longest-reigning Queen Elizabeth has sparked an outpouring of tributes at home and around the world. Landmarks have been used to celebrate his life, with government and public buildings in Europe, America and Africa lit up in the UK’s red, white and blue colours.

Britons gathered outside Buckingham Palace early Saturday morning to pay their respects to Queen Charles.

An accession council made up of hundreds of politicians, bishops and senior civil servants declared Charles king in a ceremony on Saturday with officials in traditional heraldic garb.

Then outside the palace, according to historical custom, the paper declaring Charles King was read.

After taking over as king, Charles declared the Queen’s funeral a national holiday. However, he did not say on which day the funeral of the queen will take place.

(September 10)