The pilots of the ATR 72 that crashed in Pokhara, Nepal may have failed to fully deploy the wing flaps during landing. That’s why it is known after preliminary investigation that this terrible accident can happen. However, the exact cause of the crash of Flight 961 will be known after examining the flight data recorder or black box. News from Kathmandu Post.

Early reports suggested that the plane had ‘wing flaps’ on the rear side of the wing. It controls the balance of the plane. These wing flaps play an important role in keeping the plane straight and stable just before touching down the runway during landing. The flaps are not fully deployed.

Immediately after the accident, two mobile phone videos went viral. A second video surfaced online hours after the incident and went viral. It shows an Indian passenger named Sonu Jaiswal on live streaming seconds before the plane took off. As the footage showed, the flaps were not fully down. That’s why experts suspect that the plane may have stopped due to this.

A Yeti Airlines plane with 72 people on board crashed in Pokhara in Kaski district of western Nepal on Sunday. So far 71 bodies have been recovered. Among the dead, 15 are foreign nationals.

(January 20/MI)