People all over the world are ready to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year 2023. In Sydney, Australia, the festivities to welcome the new year have started from New Year’s Eve.

Twitter user Jason Dacey shared a video of New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney on Twitter. Along with this he wrote the caption – 9pm light show on Sydney Harbor is perfect for young people to have fun. Breathtaking photos and videos of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks have been shared by people on social media.

The Sydney Opera House is the center of attraction for millions of tourists in the city of Sydney, known as the ‘City of Colors’. To welcome the new year, around seven thousand fireworks have already been set off from the Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

In this largest and most populous city of Australia and Oceania local time on January 1 at 12 pm (Bangladesh time on December 31 at 7 pm) one after another fireworks are seen. The news is from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Meanwhile, the city of Melbourne is also celebrating the new year. Thousands of people welcome the new year with about 20 tons of fireworks. These fireworks are set off from 30 rooftops and five ground sites in the city.

The residents of the city enjoy the play of seven colors in the sky and the rainbow in the water from the roof of the house. Melbourne tourists and locals celebrate the new year.

Sharice Edwards, 25, said she was having a great time. Many were seen dancing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough’ song.

Sydney is one of the major cities in the world to celebrate this new year. Due to the Corona epidemic, the city did not celebrate the New Year in the same way for the last two years.

This time at least 1 million people will welcome the new year. Sydney authorities had earlier expressed hope that 50 million people would enjoy the New Year celebrations online or on television.

Sydney, Australia is called ‘City of Colors’. There are some festivals in this city throughout the year. In keeping with these festivals, different colored lights play on the walls and ceiling of the Sydney Opera House. The Sydney Opera House on Sydney Harbor is known worldwide as a symbol of Australia.

(31 December)