The US is trying to develop a separate relationship with the country by removing the name of Pakistan from the US strategy. Despite such a reality, the country’s president Joe Biden took a hand in Pakistan.

Biden called Pakistan one of the most dangerous countries in the world at a reception for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Los Angeles on Thursday. Accused, ‘The country has uncontrolled nuclear weapons.’

At the same event, President Biden criticized Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Regarding the Chinese president, Biden said, ‘Xi knows what he wants. But he has many problems.’

The policy document asserts that while competition with China is greatest in the Indo-Pacific region, it is now spreading globally. The US security strategy sees the next ten years as a decade of competition with China.

On the other hand, about Russian President Putin, Biden said, “How do we handle this with what’s happening in Russia?” We will still prioritize deterring a dangerous Russia as well as maintaining a permanent competitive edge over China.

On Wednesday, the Biden administration released a key policy document mandated by Congress that singled out both China and Russia as threats to the United States. China and Russia declared ‘boundless friendship’ earlier this year, according to the National Security Strategy. They are becoming increasingly close to each other but the challenges they have created are different.

The country’s president also talked about the US leading the world. “The second quarter of the 21st century has enormous opportunities for dynamic change in the United States,” he said.

(October 15)