Switzerland has recently set the record for the world’s longest passenger train by building a 2 km long, 100-car train. This lovely red colored train travels through the Alps.

Switzerland-based Rhaetian Railway Company runs this 1,906 km long train with 100 coaches using the Albula rail route from Prida to Bergun.

The train was prepared for the journey by stringing the carriages like pearl necklaces through the night on Friday. After a journey of 1 hour and 20 minutes, the train reached Bargun.

Around 3,000 train spotters and pedestrians pass through the UNESCO World Heritage Area. Pedestrians thronged to watch the long red spiral train emerge from 22 tunnels and 48 bridges.

The two-kilometer train crosses the world-famous 142-kilometer spiral bridge Landwasser Viaduct. It looks like many red colored cars are tied to each other with knots.

Renato Fasciati, Director of Rättien Transport, said the main objective of setting the record for the longest train was to highlight and celebrate some of Switzerland’s engineering achievements to the world on the occasion of 175 years of Swiss railways.

The sponsors of the train and associated crews said, ‘After intensive preparations, we are delighted to have achieved this world record. Not only did we have an excellent railway festival here in Burgoon, but we were able to present ourselves to the world as an attractive and innovative mountain railway for our dedicated partners.’

A team of 7 drivers and 21 technicians were engaged to run this train, the longest through Switzerland, for 24.9 km.

(31 October)