Hospital nurses are on strike across Britain. They are on strike to demand an increase in salaries and allowances. Such a large strike has never been seen in the history of the National Health Service-NHS, a union of British nurses. However, nurses in Scotland have yet to announce a strike.

The strike has been ongoing in England, Wales and Northern Ireland since Thursday morning.

British media BBC reported that nurses will continue to provide life-saving services despite the strike. However, routine surgeries and other activities are expected to be disrupted.

The Royal College of Nursing said they had no choice but to go on strike. Because, the ministers did not want to start the discussion about their salary increase. The British government has said that it is not possible to meet the demand for a 19 percent salary increase.

According to trade union laws, nurses will attend to critically ill patients. Chemotherapy and kidney dialysis will continue. Besides, the patients who are in intensive care will also be served. The nurses say they’ve seen enough. But they are not being paid enough and valued. The government was not listening to them, so there was no option before them to strike.

15 December/ES