North Korean authorities have announced a five-day lockdown in the capital Pyongyang amid rising numbers of patients with respiratory illnesses. Residents of the capital have been asked to stay indoors from Wednesday to Sunday.

Seoul-based NK News reported that in addition to staying at home, residents were ordered to submit their multiple temperature test results every day.

The official notice, without directly referring to Covid-19, said that the common cold has recently spread in the capital. For this, the residents of the capital have to stay at home for five days.

North Korea first reported the spread of the coronavirus in April last year. And after just three months, the country also announced its control. North Korea also described the containment of the epidemic as a ‘miracle’.

Meanwhile, citing various sources in Pyongyang, NK News said that residents of the capital went into a shopping spree with the prospect of a lockdown. However, it is not known whether the lockdown has been imposed in other parts of the country apart from the capital. Government-controlled media did not publish any news about it.

It should be noted that North Korea is currently as cold as Siberia. The temperature of the country is minus 22 degrees Celsius. In this situation, it is reported that ‘respiratory patients’ are increasing every day.

(January 25/DM)