North Korea has launched a ballistic missile. However, the type of missile could not be identified. A military source in Seoul reported this news.

North Korea’s series of missile tests this year have escalated tensions across the Korean Peninsula. Last month, the country test-fired its latest advanced intercontinental ballistic missile.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said North Korea tested an unidentified ballistic missile in the East Sea on Sunday.

Meanwhile, North Korea has previously tested a high-powered solid fuel engine. The country’s state media described it as an important test that would be used to develop a new type of strategic weapon.

It should be noted that North Korea has developed intercontinental ballistic missiles despite the strict sanctions imposed by the United Nations since 2006. Last month, while watching the launch of the ‘Monster Missile Hwasong 17’, the country’s leader Kim Jong Un announced that he wants North Korea to be the most powerful nuclear country in the world.

(December 18/FA)