North Korea has lifted the mandatory mask wearing as well as other restrictions as the number of coronavirus infections has decreased.

The country’s state media reported this information on Saturday. While the obligation to wear masks in public has been lifted, the obligation to wear masks in frontline and border towns will remain.

Besides, the public has been instructed to be extremely cautious, including wearing a mask, in case of mild symptoms of corona.

Earlier, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared victory over Covid-19 last Friday. And South Korea was blamed for the spread of the corona virus.

The country reported the first case of coronavirus infection last May. Then rapid steps were taken to prevent the spread of corona across the country. Therefore, the country’s government has said that it has been possible to quickly eliminate the infection of the coronavirus from the country.

74 people have lost their lives in the country due to coronavirus. In addition, about 4.85 million people are found to have additional fever. Later, the presence of coronavirus was found in the body of many of them during the medical examination.

According to experts, North Korea has one of the most fragile medical systems in the world. It is not known whether nearly two and a half million people in the country have received the coronavirus vaccine. However, China supplied some vaccines to the Allies.

(13 August)