Leaked Nord Stream pipelines have leaked into areas controlled by US intelligence services. This is what the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has recently claimed. The fourth leak of the Nord Stream pipeline has been reported. This was reported by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, citing the ministry on Thursday.

In recent days, EU member states have been investigating sudden and unexplained leaks in gas pipelines under the Baltic Sea.

Pipelines connect Russia to Germany. The project has been at the center of geopolitical tensions, as Moscow cut off gas supplies to Europe in suspected retaliation against Western sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine.

Moscow has blamed Washington for earlier leaks. However, Washington dismissed Moscow’s accusation as “ridiculous”.

This is the fourth leak identified, with three confirmed earlier this week. ‘There are two leaks on the Swedish side and two leaks on the Danish side,’ the Swedish Coast Guard said on Thursday. The leaks in Swedish territory were in two nearby locations.

The Swedish Coast Guard did not say why the leak reappeared a few days after the initial leak was detected.

Media reported that the latest leak was detected in the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, but the Coast Guard did not confirm this.

Sweden earlier reported a leak in the Nord Stream-1 pipeline to the northeast, while Denmark confirmed another leak to the northeast over Nord Stream-2 and Nord Stream-1, southeast of the island.

The massive leak created a significant bubble several hundreds of meters wide at the sea surface, making it impossible to inspect immediate structures.

Although the pipelines are operated by a consortium majority owned by Russian gas giant Gazprom (now defunct), they both still contain gas.

Russia’s FSB security agency is investigating the damage to the pipelines as ‘international terrorism’, Interfax news agency quoted the General Prosecutor’s Office as saying.

Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson said on Wednesday that it would take a large explosive device to cause the damage.

The UN Security Council will hold a meeting on Friday to discuss this incident.

(September 29)