Saudi Arabia has issued a new law on Hajj. As a result, foreign travelers will be allowed to perform Hajj only after full payment of all Hajj related service fees.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Affairs of the country has given this information in a statement on Friday.

It is known that these fees are charged for various services including Hajj accommodation and transportation.

Meanwhile, after the start of the global corona epidemic in 2020, the Saudi government suspended the Hajj for domestic and foreign passengers. At that time, thousands of local people performed Hajj in a special arrangement. Later in 2021, the Saudi government allowed domestic travelers to perform Hajj with restrictions. The country’s government allowed foreign pilgrims to perform Hajj in 2022 after the effects of the Corona pandemic subsided.

It should be noted that the quota of potential pilgrims from Bangladesh this year is 1 lakh 27 thousand 198 people. Last year this number was around 60,000. Last Sunday (January 8) State Minister for Religion Faridul Haque Khan gave this information during the question and answer session in the National Parliament.

(January 13/SM)