Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: Collected

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed Aryeh Deri, who is in charge of the Ministry of Interior and Health. He took this step after an order from the country’s court. Al-Jazeera news.

The announcement of the removal of Interior Minister Aryeh Deri came at a cabinet meeting in Israel on Sunday.

Last week, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled that Aryeh Deri could no longer serve as a minister after being found guilty of tax issues.

In a statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “With a heavy heart, it is with great sadness and hard feelings that I am forced to remove you as a government minister.”

Deri, the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish party Shas, was appointed to Netanyahu’s cabinet in Israel last month.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must fire a key ally in his new cabinet. The Supreme Court of the country gave this verdict last Wednesday.

Aryeh Deri, the influential head of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, served several terms in Netanyahu’s previous governments, the ruling said. But he was disqualified from ministerial duties after being convicted of tax evasion last year.

(January 23/MI)