If at any time during pregnancy, it is found that there are various defects in the fetus, then the decision not to keep that child is only the responsibility of the mother, her relatives or any team of doctors or medical board. Recently the Bombay High Court of India has given such a verdict.

In that judgment, the court also allowed a pregnant woman to have an abortion after 33 weeks.

Medical examination at 29 weeks revealed that due to various genetic problems in the fetus, the baby’s head size is going to be extremely small and his brain size is also much smaller than normal.

The Bombay High Court ruled that no one else can interfere with the mother’s rights in such cases. The judges said, ‘Courts cannot deny a mother’s existence, rights, opinions and legal right to make informed decisions.’

The Bombay High Court also said, ‘Dismissal of such an application is tantamount to stripping the applicant of her motherhood and womanhood.’

The woman was 29 weeks pregnant on December 22. Medical tests show that her unborn child has multiple defects. The woman wants to have an abortion because of genetic disorders like microcephaly (smaller head and brain size than normal) and lissencephaly (too smooth a brain).

But since she applied after 24 weeks of pregnancy, the medical board rejected her application. They said that the treatment of the child will be done free of cost in any government hospital.

But the woman was adamant about choosing abortion. For this he approached the Bombay High Court. After the hearing on January 20, the Bombay High Court ruled that the mother will decide whether to keep the child. The verdict was made public on Monday (January 23).

(January 24/AJ)