BJP has been in power since 1998 in Gujarat under Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Before that, Gerua camp came to power in 1995. But the government could not sustain. The main rivals of the BJP in the Gujarat assembly polls this time are the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party.

BJP wins in Gujarat but lags behind in Himachal Pradesh. This hill state changes rulers every five years. As such, Congress is supposed to come to power this time. The results have already indicated the same. According to the latest results, Congress is ahead in 40 seats, BJP in 25 seats in the 68-seat Himachal Assembly. And Aam Aadmi Party did not get any seats. But independent candidates got 3 seats. Where only 35 seats are needed to form the government.

On the other hand, in the 182-seat Gujarat Assembly, the BJP is ahead with 156 seats. Their vote share hovers around 55 percent. And Congress got only 17 seats. Aam Aadmi Party (UP) is ahead in only 5 seats despite the response to the campaign. According to the Election Commission, the vote share of the Congress in this state has decreased to 26 and a half percent. Compared to that, 12 and a half percent of the votes are going to stand up in the first election.

BJP’s best result was in Gujarat in 2002. Seva got 127 seats. Now that record has been broken by the ruling party of India. Earlier, the party won 149 seats in Gujarat in the 1985 elections led by Madhav Sin Solanki of Congress.

History says that Gujarat politics has always been based on BJP and Congress. Apart from this, no third political party could settle in the region. But this time, the Congress is in full swing.

(08 December)