42 soldiers were killed in an attack in the West African country of Mali. It was reported on Wednesday that the attack took place in the country’s Tesit city on Sunday. The country’s government claims that IS affiliates are responsible for this attack. News from Reuters.

Militant groups scattered across West Africa’s Sahel region have been waging an insurgency for a decade. Mali’s military has long fought to suppress them. Reuters reports that Sunday’s attack was the deadliest in recent memory.

The government’s statement said it strongly condemned the armed attack on Malian army units in Tesi. The attack was likely carried out by the Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS) using drones, explosives, car bombs and artillery.

The statement also said that the troops killed 37 militants in a fierce battle of several hours.

Earlier, the army said 17 soldiers were killed and nine were missing in the attack.

Mali has been ruled by a military government since 2020 after overthrowing the democratic government. Frustration at the failure to curb violence was also a factor in the military’s takeover. But even then, attacks continue to happen frequently.

A terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda claimed an attack on a key military base in Mali in late July