Eight people were injured in a shooting at a Martin Luther King Jr. event in Florida. More than 1,000 people gathered in Fort Pierce on Monday for the event. The gunfight started at 5.23 pm (local time) during the event.

According to the American news media CNN in a report, the eight people who were shot were adults and they were rushed to the hospital after the incident. One of them is in critical condition. Brian Hester, chief deputy of the sheriff’s office, told a news conference.

‘People started running around as the shots rang out,’ said Hester. There were people lying in the back of cars, lying in the back of anything they could. It was difficult to tell who was the victim and who was hiding at the time.’

One of the injured, believed to be a teenager, was injured as people rushed to leave the venue. Car shows, dance performances and children’s activities were part of the celebration to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Videos of the incident have been posted on social media and one of them shows people dancing and enjoying the music in the car. Then gunshots were heard.

Two nearby sheriff’s deputies rushed to the scene of the shooting and helped the injured. Several witnesses also joined them to take people to the hospital, Hester said.

This is the 30th mass shooting in the United States this year, CNN reported, citing data from the non-profit organization Gun Violence Archive. On average, there are about two mass shootings per day in the United States.

(January 17)