Liz Truss took over as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the midst of extreme economic chaos. Queen Elizabeth II died shortly after she took office. A huge amount was spent on the Queen’s funeral. As a result, the crisis in the country intensified. Recently, the country’s Finance Minister Kawasi Kwarteng resigned over the tax issue. Currently, rumors are being heard in the international media that Lease Truss should leave its power.

According to the media, Liz Truss may also have to step down due to the internal conflict of the party. Because the rebel members of the Conservative Party will start trying to oust him this week. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister is said to be meeting with the 100-strong One Nation group of central Conservatives tonight in a bid to win a large chunk of the parliamentary party.

Truss’s move comes at a time when Conservative backbenchers are seeking to oust him. Downing Street has also warned that such a move would speed up the general election.

Rebel MPs are pressing Graham Brady to call an end to Truss’ time as prime minister to allow a vote of no confidence against his leadership. Besides, three MPs broke the rules and publicly asked him to resign.

More than 100 Members of Parliament (MP) of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party are ready to submit a letter of no confidence to Lease Truss, the media reported. They will submit the letter to Graham Brady, the head of the committee organizing the Conservative Party leadership contest.

(October 17)