Lebanese President Michel Aoun has ruled out the possibility of a peace deal with Zionist Israel. He announced his country’s stance while addressing a press conference in Beirut on Friday to mark the end of his term as president. “There is no question of peace with the Israeli enemy,” said Michel Aoun.

On Thursday, President Aoun signed an agreement with Tel Aviv to delimit the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. In spite of this, in response to the question why Lebanon will not sign a peace agreement with Israel, the president said that the discussion on determining the water border was subjective and that indirect discussion was held with the mediation of America. The demarcation agreement was signed mainly to avoid war and was necessary for Lebanon’s interests and stability.

He said, the Zionist Israel cannot withdraw from the agreement signed on the determination of water limits.

Israel and Lebanon signed a separate US-brokered deal last Thursday. After that, the document of the agreement was handed over from the United Nations. After indirect negotiations for the last 12 years, this agreement was signed. President Michel Aoun is expected to step down on Sunday in a normal election process.

(29 October/ES)