Lebanon’s banking association has suspended banking operations indefinitely, citing security deficiencies.

Al-Jazeera reported this information in a report on Thursday (September 22).

In a statement on Wednesday evening, the country’s banking association announced an indefinite bank ban. Today Thursday was the fixed date for reopening of banks after being closed for the last three days.

The statement also said that bank employees are at risk and no steps have been taken by the government to mitigate this risk.

In the past week, several banks in Lebanon have been attacked in various ways by some customers to withdraw their stuck savings. Even recently, a woman entered a bank in Lebanon’s capital Beirut with a weapon to withdraw her savings.

There he wants to withdraw his savings from the bank. A family member of the woman was in the hospital and she was unable to pay the hospital bills.

Currently, the people of Lebanon are going through a severe financial crisis. 80 percent of the country’s population is virtually struggling to afford food and medicine.

(22 September)