The international newspaper The Economist has published an article titled Why Arab women are fatter than men. But a popular Iraqi actress filed a lawsuit against the Economist due to the unauthorized use of pictures in that article.

BBC reported this information in a report.

The woman named Anas Taleb is a popular actress.

He told Saudi government-sponsored Al-Arabiya TV that the Economist had used his photo without permission. By this his personal liberty has been violated. Also, the image was photoshopped. He also said that he is happy with his physique.

According to him, Arab women, especially Iraqi women, have been insulted through that article. And he raised questions about why economists are interested in Arab women instead of Europe or the United States.

He also said that he was being bullied on social media after the publication of that article.

The Economist has not commented on the case of the actress.

Last July, the Economist newspaper published an article titled Why Arab women are fatter than men.

The reason for this is said to be that women generally do not go out of the house due to social and financial reasons. Arab women tend to be fatter than men. Another reason is that some men prefer healthy women. As a result, many women strive to be healthy.

Miss Taleb performed at an international festival in Babylon, Iraq, nine months ago. The picture of that performance was used by The Economist.