JK Rowling, the popular author of the ‘Harry Peter’ series, has received death threats for protesting the attack on British author Salman Rushdie.

According to the BBC, Rushdie tweeted on Friday condemning the attack.

In the tweet, he wrote, ‘Terrible news. Feeling very sick right now. I hope he is healthy.’

In the comments section of his post, one wrote, ‘Don’t worry. The next target is you.’

In addition, the commentator praised Rushdie’s attacker, Hadi Matar, as a ‘revolutionary Shia warrior’.

Later, JK Rowling asked for help by tagging the Twitter support page with a screenshot of the comment. He wants to know if there is a chance to get any help in this regard. Later in the comment on that Twitter, he said that the police have started investigating the incident.

(August 14)