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Israeli forces raided a refugee camp in occupied East Jerusalem. Sameer Aslan (41), a father of eight, went up to the roof with his family to see. That is tomorrow for him. Aghor was killed by an Israeli sniper.

Samir Aslan was declared dead by the Palestinian Ministry of Health early Thursday morning, Al-Jazeera reported, citing Palestinian officials. He was shot in the chest while in the Qalandiya refugee camp.

Officials told Al Jazeera that Aslan, a father of eight, was standing on the roof of their house with other family members watching the operation. At that time he was targeted by an Israeli sniper.

Her 17-year-old son, Ramji, was killed about 10 minutes after Israeli forces arrested him from their home.

Zakaria Fayaleh, a Palestinian Authority official who runs the camp, said after the arrests that ‘the whole family went up to the roof to see what was happening when they heard loud screams and another of their sons was injured.’

He further said, ‘Sameer was on the roof with his wife, three daughters and several sons when an Israeli sniper opened fire on his family and shot Sameer directly in the chest. His sons tried to take him down to the hospital. But the army forces stopped them and threw Sameer to the ground. They left him bleeding on the ground for a while. After a while they let us take him again. But he died on reaching the hospital.’

Al-Jazeera was able to verify the fact that he was left on the ground.

Israeli forces arrested at least 18 people from the camp during the operation, according to Fayaleh and the Palestine Prisoners’ Society (PPS).

The operation began at around 3pm local time and included dozens of armored vehicles and special forces. A clash broke out with stone pelting youths.

The Israeli army said in a statement that the raid on the camp came as part of its ‘Break the Wave’ campaign. During the operation, it said, ‘suspects hurled stones and cement blocks at forces from the roofs of houses in a manner that endangered the lives of fighters, who dispersed the protests and responded by firing. One injury was detected but no one died.

The Qalandiya area falls under the Jerusalem Governorate, but is separated from the city by Israel’s separation wall. This wall was built in 2003. The refugee camp, built in 1949, now falls in East Jerusalem and Area C, which is fully under the control of the Israeli military.

(January 12)