May attack Saudi Arabia. Recently, the country complained to the United States about such fears. Expressing concern over Iran’s attack, Saudi Arabia said it would not hesitate to respond if necessary.

Al-Jazeera reported that the National Security Council said in a statement on Tuesday, “We are concerned about the threat images and we are in constant contact with the Saudis through military and intelligence channels.” We will not hesitate to act to protect our interests and partners in the region.’

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Tuesday about the intelligence sharing between Saudi Arabia and the United States.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran have publicly commented on the matter.

“We are in regular contact with our Saudi partners about what information they need to provide on that front,” Ryder said. But I will repeat what we have said before. That is, we will reserve the right to defend and protect ourselves, whether our forces are operating in Iraq or elsewhere.’

US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the US was ‘concerned about the threat picture.’ But they did not give any details.

(November 2)