Iran has recently developed a hypersonic ballistic missile. The world is worried about Iran’s missile capabilities after such claims were made in a report by the country’s semi-official news agency Tasnim, citing the aerospace commander of the Revolutionary Guards.

Hypersonic missiles can fly at least five times faster than the speed of sound and in a complex trajectory, making them quite difficult to intercept.

According to Reuters, the Tasnim report quoted Commander Amir Ali Hajizadeh as saying, ‘This missile has a high speed. It is maneuverable in and out of the atmosphere. The missile will target advanced anti-missile systems of the enemy and is several generations ahead in the world of missiles.’

However, there have been no reports of Iran testing such missiles, Reuters reported. However, the Islamic Republic has developed a large domestic arms industry in the face of international sanctions. Western military analysts say that Iran sometimes exaggerates its weapons capabilities.

Concerns over Iran’s ballistic missiles, however, have arisen due to the US decision in 2018 to withdraw from the nuclear deal Tehran signed with world powers in 2015 under former President Donald Trump.

Last week, Iran said it had tested the Ghaem-100. It is its first three-stage space launch vehicle that will be able to place a satellite weighing 80 kg in an orbit of 500 km above the Earth’s surface.

The US has termed such a move ‘unsustainable’ as it believes the space launch vehicles could be used to transport nuclear warheads.

However, Iran has denied making nuclear weapons.

(10th November)