Four Indian-American women were racially abused by a Mexican-American woman in the US state of Texas.

The incident happened last Wednesday in a parking lot in Dallas, Texas. A video of the incident was released on social media. Then the police arrested the Mexican-American woman.

However, after that incident, Plano police in Dallas informed that a woman named Esmeralda Upton was arrested on Thursday.

An officer of the Plano Police Department said that the accused woman’s name is Esmeralda Upton. He was arrested on Thursday. He was charged with assault, threats and making racist comments.

In the video, the accused woman made racist remarks aimed at four Indian nationals. Besides, he added, they (Indians) are destroying America and therefore they should ‘go back to India’.

He also said, ‘You Indians are everywhere, go back to India’.

In the video, she is seen telling the group of Indian women, ‘Go back to India. People like you… are destroying this country’.

The woman said, ‘Indians are everywhere. If India is so good, why don’t you go back to India?’

When she suddenly asked the reason for such words, the woman became even more angry and tried to take away the mobile phone that was recording the incident. He also hit another woman who was with the Bengali woman in the face. Then he threatened to shoot them.

(26 Aug)