Violence against women is increasing day by day all over the world. Incidents like rape and molestation are increasing. But no one can figure out how to prevent such incidents. In such a situation, the young woman made a novel discovery about providing security to women.

The young girl named Vijayalakshmi Virada studied in the 10th standard in a school in Karnataka, India. He told the media that for the past three years he had been trying to develop some devices that could increase the safety of women. He made these shoes for that purpose.

How are these shoes?

This shoe has a battery. A switch in the shoe can be turned on in a special way if someone is harassing them. After that, Moksha hit. An electric shock can be given to the abuser with a shoe.

But it does not end here. There is one more thing in this shoe. It will further ensure the safety of women. This shoe also has a GPS tracker system. The people of the house will also know where the person wearing the shoe is.

All in all, Vijayalakshmi feels that this type of pair of shoes will greatly increase the safety of women in the future. His family members are also very happy with this discovery. They said, seeing the surrounding situation, Vijayalakshmi wanted to make something like this for a long time. In the end he succeeded in that goal.

However, Vijayalakshmi said that she wants to improve this shoe in the future. Many are thinking of delivering it outside India as well.

(16 December/AJ)