India has banned the export of broken rice. The country has imposed a 20 percent duty on the export of rice other than basmati as well as broken rice or khud.

On Friday (September 9), the Indian news media, Economic Times, reported this information. The central government has taken this step as the production of rice this year is less compared to last year inside India. Therefore, there is a fear of increase in the price of rice as well as other grains in the country.

Due to lack of rain in the current kharif season (Chaitra to Bhadra month) in various states of India, paddy cultivation has decreased by 5.62 percent to around 384 lakh hectares.

India is the second rice producing country in the world. India supplies 40 percent of the world’s rice.

India exported 21.2 million tonnes of rice in the financial year 2021-22. This includes 3.94 million tons of basmati rice.

The news agency Reuters reported in a report that importers will be discouraged from importing rice due to the new ban of the Indian government. As a result, they will try to import rice to India’s rivals Thailand and Vietnam. But it will be difficult for both countries to increase the number of new ships.

China is the largest importer of broken rice in the world. China bought 1.1 million tons of broken rice last year. At the same time, many African countries such as Senegal buy broken rice for human consumption.

(September 9)