Although the pandemic continues to spread across the globe, daily infections and deaths have decreased. As a result of this, in the last one day, 3 lakh 71 thousand 995 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the world and 799 people have died due to covid-related illness. Besides, 3 lakh 72 thousand 413 people have recovered from Corona this day.

Currently, the number of active corona patients in the world is 1 crore 46 lakh 99 thousand 601 people. Among these patients, 1 crore 46 lakh 63 thousand 253 people are carrying mild symptoms of corona and 36 thousand 348 people are seriously ill.

This information is known from the website Worldometers, which published the updated number of Corona on Saturday.

According to Worldometers, in the last day, Japan was the top in terms of daily infections in the world. And on this day, Brazil has the highest number of deaths due to covid-related illnesses. 1 lakh 17 thousand 840 people were identified as corona positive in Japan on Friday and 100 people died of this disease.

On the other hand, in Brazil, 104 people have died due to covid-related illness and 56 thousand 889 people have been identified as corona positive.

In addition, in the last one day, 68 people died of corona in France, 48 thousand 619 new infections, 58 people died in the United States, 9 thousand 513 new infections, 55 deaths in South Korea, 53 thousand 998 new infections, 56 deaths in Russia, new 5 thousand 992 infected and 56 dead in Taiwan, 14 thousand 195 new cases.

In December 2019, the world’s first corona patient was detected in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. The first death from Corona also happened in China.

26 November/ES