An anti-terrorism court in Islamabad has granted interim bail to Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan.

On Thursday, the country’s media Dawn reported this information.

Court judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hasan granted interim bail to Imran on a surety of Rs 1 lakh till September 1.

On Thursday, an application was filed in court on behalf of Imran Khan. It is said in the petition that a case has been filed against Imran Khan due to political vendetta.

During the hearing of Imran Khan’s case in the court, a large number of law enforcement personnel were deployed to avoid any untoward situation. Roads around the court were closed.

Because Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Peoples Party (PTI) said that if Imran Khan is taken to jail, the supporters will take to the streets. And tomorrow they will leave for Islamabad.

Also, a hashtag is provided by the team on social media. The hashtag says, Imran Khan is our ‘Red Line’.

In a speech last Saturday (August 20), Imran Khan accused Islamabad Police Chief and Additional Sessions Judge of Federal Capital Islamabad Zeba Chowdhury of arresting and torturing his supporters. He promised to take action against them.

After Imran’s speech, this declaration was made at 10 pm on the same day at Maragala Police Station of the capital based on the complaint of Islamabad Sadar Magistrate Ali Javed.

The FIR filed by the Margalla police said the PTI chief had threatened the Additional Sessions Judge of Islamabad to intimidate senior officials of the police and judiciary. So that they cannot perform their duties and refrain from taking action against PTI.

(25 Aug)