As much as two and a half million dollars have been stolen from ICC, the apex body of international cricket, after being attacked by cyber crooks. Cricket news media ESPN Cricinfo claimed that a US fraudster carried out this attack in 2022.

According to Cricinfo, Online has done this fraud by hacking the official email of the organization. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has termed it the ‘biggest online financial scam ever’.

According to the FBI, fraudsters withdraw money online by e-mail account compromise (BEC). The FBI reported last November that the fraud ring stole $2.4 billion in 2021. According to the FBI, they send messages to legitimate e-mail accounts to slowly mislead them to steal information and steal money.

ICC has not officially said anything about this cybercrime or financial scam. They are believed to want to maintain secrecy over the matter. However, US law enforcement agencies are believed to be involved in this financial fraud. A high-level investigation is also underway on the matter.

It is not yet known how the money was stolen from the ICC funds, whether the entire amount was stolen at once or the money was moved in stages, the exact amount of the money stolen or whether someone entered the Dubai head office through an ICC person to commit this fraud.

(January 20)