The husband was accused of trying to kill his wife seeking divorce. Such an incident took place on Monday night in Deganga area of ​​North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The husband is on the run since the incident. Deganga police are looking for him.

According to police sources, the husband has been accused of trying to kill his wife by throwing her on the street in the dark of night. The name of the affected bride is Manju Kahar. Incidentally, he is a former Trinamool member of Chapatla Gram Panchayat.

Manzoor’s complaint against the husband, husband Debu Kahar does not take any responsibility for her and the child. So he has been going to his father’s house for several days. Run a family by working as a housekeeper.

Around 7pm on Monday, Manju Chapatla was walking towards his father’s house along Haroa Road. Then the husband suddenly attacked her. He was hit with a sharp weapon. It is alleged that he was attacked with the aim of murder.

Manju complains that her husband asked her to get a divorce first. Then a sharp weapon was taken out from the bag and an attempt was made to kill him.

According to the bride, she dragged me into the field and said, ‘Why didn’t you give me a divorce?’ I said, ‘Okay. When you send the papers asking for divorce, I will sign. But then he said, I will kill you.’

The woman said that she covered her face with her hand to protect herself. But even then, the husband hit Elopathari with a weapon. Hearing the screams of the housewife, the locals came running. At that moment Debu ran away from there.

Manzoor’s father’s family members came and admitted him to Bishwanathpur Hospital in Deganga after getting the news. On Tuesday morning, the housewife’s grandfather filed a complaint against her husband at the Deganga police station.

The wife says about this action of her husband, ‘He does this sometimes. Four months is good. After that he did so for two months. I told the police once before. Now I am going to the police again. Let them punish him.’

(9 November/AJ)