42 years ago on a December night, a young woman named Elvita Adams climbed the Empire State Building in America to commit suicide. He also jumped from the 86th floor. But surprisingly he survived. How is that possible?

Elvita, a resident of the Bronx in America, made headlines overnight even though she failed to commit suicide. According to media reports, 29-year-old LVT was the only survivor after jumping from the Empire State Building.

But why did Elvita choose to commit suicide? That story was heard in the American press. If you want to know that, you have to go back to the night of December 2, 1979.

Lvita has been looking for a job for a few months. He could not survive on the small amount of government grant. A welfare check of $100 a month is not enough. How to feed the mouth of a 10-year-old son, Elvita used to spend day and night thinking.

Lvita often had to listen to threats from the landlord as the rent was due. If he did not pay the rent, he threatened to evict him along with his son. Elvita began to sink into depression due to the poverty of the world.

On that winter evening in December, Elvita left the rented house and went out on the street with a thousand thoughts in her mind. Walked from the Bronx to the elite area of ​​Midtown Manhattan, New York. It is about a three and a half hour drive.

On that Saturday evening Elvita wandered this street and arrived in front of the Empire State Building. Walked randomly and stood at the entrance of the building. Elvita jumped from the Empire State Building that night.

Later, however, he claimed that he had traveled there from the Bronx to see the light-filled Manhattan. His famous quote was, ‘What beautiful (light)! I wanted to reach out and touch.’ Although the counterclaim of the American media, Elvita climbed to the 86th floor of that building to commit suicide.

Towering over Manhattan, the Empire State Building has a total of 102 floors. At an altitude of 1,250 feet. It has an observatory deck on its 86th floor. From where Elvita jumped.

LVT is not the first though. Another 30 people have tried to commit suicide by jumping from this building built in 1931. Most of them died. In fact, before the building was completed in 1931, a man committed suicide by jumping from its 58th floor.

There was an uproar over another suicide at the Empire State Building. Like Elvita, a young woman named Evelyn McHale jumped from the 86th floor. But that was on May 1, 1947.

After jumping from the 58th floor, Evelyn landed on the roof of a limousine parked in front of the Empire State Building. A photographer named Robert Wysle immediately ran across the street and took a picture of the frozen body. Evelyn appeared asleep in the limousine wearing gloves and a pearl necklace. A leading American magazine called it the ‘most beautiful suicide’.

Elvita also gained fame like Evelyn. But to jump off the Empire State Building as the only man alive. Elvita reached the observatory deck of the Empire State Building around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 2. Before this, many people tried to commit suicide from there. As a result, there was an 8-foot barbed wire fence.

According to the media, four security guards usually guard the observatory deck. But no one was there on the day of the incident. Elvita jumped to the unguarded 86th floor. Then?

Elvita did not fall down even after jumping. He flipped over and fell on a 3 feet cornice on the 85th floor below. Elvita fell on the cornice 20 feet below and kept moaning in pain. But he survived.

George Rice, a building guard, heard Elvita’s humming. Although many claim, his name was Frank Clark. Whatever the name, Lvita was rescued by the guard. He rescued the injured Lvita and admitted her to the hospital.

The media described the incident as surprising. They claimed that Elvita fell on the cornice of the lower floor due to the wind. But how is that possible? The wind was blowing at a speed of 37 to 61 kilometers per hour that night. Although some experts claim, the wind speed at that height can reach 177 kilometers per hour.

Elvita climbed the Empire State Building to commit suicide, the police claimed. They claim, that is why Elvita climbed the barbed wire fence of the observatory deck.

After the incident, Elvita woke up in the hospital bed with severe pain in her back. His bones were broken there. Although he still did not understand how he survived.

(12 November/AJ)