AIMIM (MIM) leader gets into controversy with communal comments on Hindu-Muslim marriage. In Uttar Pradesh MIM state president Shaukat Ali alleged that Muslims are being targeted everywhere over marriage and hijab issues. Shaukat Ali pointed the finger of accusation at BJP for this.

Shaukat Ali, attending a packed public meeting in Uttar Pradesh, said, ‘It is right for Muslims to have multiple marriages. But they know how to respect their wives. But, Hindus keep three Rakshitas in one marriage. We respect every woman in the society. But you do not know how to respect your wife. He does not know how to respect the guards.’ ‘Not only do we respect our wives, but each of our children also has a ration card.’ Controversy was created when his comments came out in a packed public meeting. A storm of criticism has arisen from various quarters.

Shaukat Ali also warned the BJP about the hijab controversy. He said, Hindus cannot decide when it comes to dressing. Only the constitution can decide this. But BJP wants to divide the country by bringing forward such issues. Muslims are being targeted at various times. And when the BJP is weak, they only highlight these more, he alleged.

Recently, MIM chief Asad Uddin Waisi said on the hijab controversy, Muslims do not force girls to wear hijab. At the same time, OIC highlighted the contribution of Muslim women in the progress of the country. It should be noted that currently the case regarding hijab controversy is going on in the Supreme Court. The top court of the country has not yet taken a final decision on this matter.

Source: Hindustan Times

(October 16/TT)