The US state of California is hit by a strong Pacific storm. Strong winds, torrential rains and heavy snow left thousands of homes without power in the state for the second day on Thursday. Also, flash floods, rockfalls and tree felling have blocked the roads.

At least two deaths have been reported since Wednesday, including a child who was hit by a mobile home in northern California, Reuters reported. Although the extent of flooding and property damage was less severe than many had predicted, forecasters said the situation could get worse.

The San Francisco Bay Area, the state capital of Sacramento and surrounding areas are still recovering from extensive flood damage. The latest rains have also led to levee breaches along the Cosmanes River.

The latest storm dumped about 2 inches of rain on San Francisco and 5 to 7 inches north and south of the city, according to Rich Otto, a meteorologist at the NWS Weather Forecast Center in Maryland.

A foot to 18 inches or more of snow has accumulated in the Sierras, the weather service said.

High-wind advisories and storm warnings were posted up and down the state, as uprooted trees already weakened by the drought and poorly anchored in rain-soaked ground, downed power lines and blocked roads.

(January 6)