Controversy surrounding Britain’s royal family is a long-standing one. With the passage of time, all the unknown and surprising information about this family has been revealed. In recent times, the most talked about in all influential international media is about Duke of Sussex Prince Harry’s autobiography ‘Spare’. Although the book has not been officially published in full, several news have been published citing the book.

From his father King Charles III, mother Princess Diana, marriage with his brother William, Meghan to the killing of the Taliban in Afghanistan – such secret and sensational information has caused a storm of discussion in the world media one by one. The book will be officially published on January 10.

Prince Harry claims in his autobiography that father King Charles III made ‘bitter-tasting’ jokes about his paternity, according to the Daily Mail. He made such a joke after meeting a mentally ill person. The man claimed to be the Prince of Wales. Reminiscing about his father’s story, Harry wrote in his autobiography, ‘(Charles says) Who knows whether I am your real father or not? Dear Vassya, perhaps your father is actually at Broadmoor!’

A Spanish-language version of Harry’s much-anticipated memoir ‘Spare’ went on sale in bookstores in Spain on Thursday, a day before its official launch, Reuters reported. There are some key details described in the book. It includes-

Argument with brother

Harry said of his brother William, the heir to the British throne, in 2019 Harry’s American wife, Meghan, grabbed William by the collar and threw him to the floor during an argument at their London home. Because he called Meghan ‘rude, rude and destructive’. He refused William’s challenge to strike back, and his brother later apologized for the incident.


According to Harry, he and Prince William asked their father not to marry the current Queen, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Despite not agreeing to the marriage, the two later congratulated the father on their marriage and received some sympathy for their relationship.

‘Despite the bitterness and sadness we felt at closing another loop in our mother’s history, we realized it was irrelevant,’ Harry said.

Harry also said Prince William and his wife Kate encouraged Camilla to dress up as a Nazi at a fancy dress party in 2005. Harry also acknowledged the incident as one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

Major Hewitt rumours

Prince Harry was the result of an illicit affair between Major James Hewitt and Princess Diana – he has dismissed media rumors. Harry said, “My father often jokingly questioned the paternity without knowing the correct facts.” But this idea is completely absurd, because Hewitt did not meet my mother until quite some time after my birth.

Fight over wedding venue

The royal family was at loggerheads over the date and venue of Harry-Meghan’s wedding. According to Harry’s writings, when he discussed with his brother the possibility of a wedding at Westminster Abbey or St Paul’s Cathedral, William said he could not marry there as it was the wedding venue of Charles and Diana, William and Kate respectively. Instead, William proposed to hold the wedding in a village chapel near Charles’ home at Highgrove House in southwest England. Harry and Meghan finally married in May 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

taking drugs

When Harry was 17, he was offered cocaine at someone’s house. He also used to consume drugs on various occasions. But he is dismayed at the media’s portrayal of him as a drug addict.

According to Harry, ‘It wasn’t very funny and it didn’t make me particularly happy as it seemed to everyone else, but it made me feel different and that was my main aim. 17-year-old me was looking forward to new experiences.’

Harry also mentions smoking cannabis exclusively in a bathroom at home as a student at Eton College.

Meeting with spiritual woman

Harry described meeting a woman with spiritual powers in his life. He noted that the woman could sense the spirit of her mother, Diana. Friends were the ones who found Harry the woman.

Travel to the North Pole

Harry described the terrifying experience of being frozen in deep ice during a trip to the North Pole. He even mentioned that his penis was frozen in the cold. Also admits to hitting her father at a dinner on the eve of William’s wedding.

‘My father took an interest in me and sympathized when I mentioned that my ears and cheeks were burnt from the cold,’ said Harry. I tried not to talk too much and told him that my penis was also affected…’

Afghanistan campaign

Harry admitted to killing 25 Taliban while serving as a helicopter pilot in Afghanistan. According to him, he participated in six missions, all of which involved death. But he feels justified in killing the Taliban insurgents who wanted to kill his comrades.

The New York Times reported that Prince Harry’s book had already created a buzz in the market before it was published. Of course, after such sensational information comes to light, it is supposed to happen.

(07 January)