The country’s main opposition party Samagi John Balawega (SJB) has demanded that former Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa should be tried for misappropriation of state funds.

According to a report by the country’s media Daily Mirror, the SJB demanded Gotabaya’s trial in a press conference yesterday.

In the press conference, SJB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ajith P Perera said, ‘Gotabaya is a citizen of this country. He has the right to return to his motherland. No one can deny him this right. But he should be tried for misappropriation of state funds.’

He said, ‘There was a case against him for allegedly spending state funds on his parents’ monument. These cases should be reopened. Charge sheets should also be filed in respect of other complaints.’

Ajith Perera said, Gotabaya can be brought to justice and punished if found guilty. Because according to the constitution he is not enjoying impunity now.’

Gotabaya is currently staying in Bangkok, Thailand. He is expected to return to the country on August 25.

(20th August)