Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the ‘Brothers of Italy’ party, is going to become Italy’s first woman prime minister after winning the election. Through this new history is going to be created in the country. Because in the election results on Sunday, he brought success to the Conservative coalition as a representative of the extreme right-wing (far-right) party after the Second World War. Reuters news.

According to the Reuters report, according to the preliminary results of the elections, the right-wing bloc is going to gain a majority in both houses of the parliament. These elections have brought political stability to the country, ending a long period of fragility and turmoil.

Booth returns indicate that the country will take power for the first time since the Fascist era of Benito Mussolini. As the leader of the largest coalition, Meloni also had the potential to become Italy’s first female prime minister, according to Reuters.

Meloni pledged to support Western policy on Ukraine and said he would not take undue risks with the euro zone’s third-largest economy.

Exit polls by state broadcaster RAI said the bloc of conservative parties, which includes Matteo Salvini’s League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia party, won between 41 percent and 45 percent, enough to secure control of both houses of parliament.

Meloni won about 26 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election. Estimates are up 4 percent from the 2018 election.

He leads the bloc that sees him command a comfortable majority in both houses of Parliament. As a result, it is almost certain that Meloni is on her way to becoming Italy’s first female prime minister.

Standing in front of the Brothers of Italy’s controversial flame logo, he told team members and reporters, ‘For many of us, this is a night of pride, liberation, tears, hugs, dreams and memories. The flame represents the evolution of the Italian right. This is a starting point, not a finish line, we have to prove our worth from tomorrow.’

(September 26)