In the wake of the Russo-Ukraine war, Germany offered to deploy Patriot missiles, the state-of-the-art US air defense system, to Poland. But Warsaw gave a surprising response by rejecting the offer. The country says it does not need such a missile defense system. Rather, these defense measures should be given to Ukraine.

Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has offered Germany to send the missile system to Ukraine instead of his country.

Mariusz wrote in a Twitter post, ‘After more Russian missile attacks, I told Germany to send Patriot missile systems proposed for Poland to Ukraine. This missile system should be deployed on the western border of the country.’

Despite knowing that there is no opportunity to install this missile defense system in any country outside NATO, such a surprising response was received from Warsaw.

A missile landed on Polish territory last week. Ukraine fired a missile to intercept a Russian missile, which landed in Poland. Two were killed. After this incident, Germany offered to send Patriot missile defense system to Poland to protect its airspace. But Poland rejected that and counter-offered.

However, Germany also did not accept Poland’s proposal. They said this defense system is only applicable for use in areas that are members of the Western military alliance, NATO. It cannot be sent to Ukraine as it is not a member of NATO.

25 November/ES