On August 19, Siebel converted to Islam – taken from Daily Sabah

Recently, a young French woman converted to Islam on a trip to Turkey.

According to a report by Turkish media Daily Sabah, the young woman named Ilodol Moreno (24) went on a trip to Tekirdag in northwest Turkey. From there, he accepted Islam last Friday

Influenced by a friend, Ilodol Moreno started researching Islam.

After deciding to become a Muslim, he appealed to the provincial mufti. In the conversion ceremony, Mufti Ismail Ipek gave information about the principles of Islam.

By reciting the Kalima, Ilodol declared faith in the Oneness of Allah and accepted the Prophet Muhammad as His Messenger. She later changed her name to Ilodol and chose the name ‘Sibel’.

The mufti gave Sibel a conversion certificate, the Muslim holy book Al Quran and various books on Islam.

(21 August)